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In a new adventure, Mario will have to explore a whole new world! From mysterious ruins to neon-lit cities, each kingdom is like a playground full of secrets to discover and power moons to collect! Princess Peach has disappeared again and it's up to Mario to save her from Bowser! This time, the villain plans a rich wedding, for which he spares no expense, in order to finally start a relationship with poor Peach. In his quest to track down Bowser, Mario won't be alone - he has a new friend, Cappie, a mysterious character from the land of hats who transforms into Mario's familiar red cap. Mario's hat can be used to defeat opponents or make a higher jump. With it, you can even tame various creatures such as Goombies or Chain Chomps, and even taxis and… T-Rex?! Use the new wedding amiibo versions of Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser to unlock new outfits, upgrades, and more. Super Mario Odyssey is compatible with all existing amiibo figures. Some of them unlock special costumes for Mario, while others help players during the game. Try different amiibo and see what happens! Note: All costumes can be unlocked in-game without using an amiibo. In keeping with the tradition of the series, players take on the role of a plumber named Mario who must save his beloved Princess Peach. This time, the girl faces a forced marriage with Bowser, the main villain of the entire series. The plot here is just an excuse to have fun and the script does not play a big role. What is interesting, however, this time all the action takes place not only in the fairy-tale Mushroom Kingdom, known from the previous parts. Some of the adventures in Super Mario Odyssey take place in an alternate world modeled after the real one. There were also new items. While playing, Mario travels through different levels such as cities, deserts, villages and forests. The maps this time around are very large and have a sandbox character, allowing for more freedom of exploration. In addition, the protagonist's hat looks interesting, which is a living character that can open access to special skills. For example, Mario can throw it, and then it will hang in the air, offering us an additional landing platform and thus allowing us to jump a distance that would otherwise be too great for a mustachioed plumber.